Beep, beep, beep.. yes, time to get up, time to go to the unknown, to Terschelling. Some time ago Dave Zuuring (http://nldazuu.com/), a photobuddy, asked me to join him for a weekend of photography at Terschelling. Of course I said yes as I have never been to this small Wadden island, but that made me also a bit nervous because I did not had a clue of what I could expect and what I could do to create nice photo’s. To prepare ourselves we did a bit of searching on the internet, google maps and defined one specific mission: The “Drenkelingenhuis”. At first the weather forecast was good and we were dreaming of fantastic sunrises and sunsets, but the good predictions disappeared day by day.

Upon arrival the weather was still very nice with a bit of sun, but there was a terrible wind. So we hurried to the B&B to drop our stuff and started with…. a good lunch :-). Inspired by the good lunch and the pictures in this restaurant we took our gear an went to the harbor. Here we still had some sun, and a long exposure would have been nice, but this damned wind (it almost tilted my tripod).


Next we decided to just walk along the beach to the west towards the sea… AND against the wind. While walking I became nervous again as I really had no clue of what I wanted to do and the grey and boring sky made it even more difficult for me. But then the sandblasting started and this gave me (and Dave) the opportunity to play for some time. But man, it was working hard and this sand… it gets everywhere and after some time we took shelter behind a small dune to relax and have a small hot cup of tea. We also realized that due to the low tide it was still a lot of walking before reaching the sea and the idea of a beer and some food was very strong so we called it a day and walked back (with a few stops for some details) to the restaurant for some nice beers, nacho’s and other food.

Dave being sandblasted

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But still.. during the night when I woke up (many) times I still had that strange conflicting feeling of enthusiasm about being here and disappointment of not having an idea and turning it into photo’s. As the weather was not improving I decided this night to go for minimalistic pictures and fell asleep. Well one advantage of grey skies is the fact that we didn’t had to get up for the early sunrise. After a good shower and even better breakfast (and lunch in one) we rented electrical bikes and explored the southside of the island. The light was really nice, it was white and serene, but also showed some strange colors. Thanks to Dave I could test some ND filters of Benro.. wow… what a quality. There my photographic moment also came; very minimalistic pictures. In one picture I exposed to the right (extremely) but of course I also used gradual filters to get more details and drama in the sky.


Next stop were some birds who flew off while trying to approach them and some poles. At the poles Dave regretted not bringing his tripod so I offered him to use mine, that’s where photobuddies are for. While he was playing around I had time to look around, enjoy and tried some compositions (handheld with some gradual filters) before doing some long exposure shots with the Benro filters and tripod. But actually the one without I liked best.


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Although we only stopped at three spots it was already time to go back for some delayed lunch and to get ready for our real mission, the “drenkelinghuis”. A landrover picked us up and the nice chauffeur drove us onto the beach. When I mentioned I was living in Rheden his reaction was; “Ah, the village with that really nice pancake house”… what a small world ;-).



With a detour over the beach and nice stories about the island he dropped us off at the “Drenkelingenhuis” with some homemade biscuits, hot chocolate milk and the local drink “Terschellinger Syltjsje”. This place is great AND completely for ourselves! To boost our creativity we first took a Syltjsje of course and then started to work and enjoy. Although we were together it is always nice to see that most of the time we still create different photo’s. The light was again really strange with blue, red, purple and green colors. And while darkness came in we enjoyed more hot chocolate, biscuits, and Syltjsje before the big headlights of the landrover reached us and drove us back to the B&B. Completely satisfied I had a good night of sleep, have new ideas and energy for the next time. Thanks Dave for inviting me!


2 thoughts on “Terschelling

  1. Beste Sander! Vriend….met een brok in mijn keel, met een giga glimlach herbeleef ik ons weekendje opnieuw. Weer of geen weer, super naar mijn zin met je gehad. Tevreden kijk ik nu terug op een blog, maar vooral schitterende foto’s! Wauw man – wat is het gaaf om zo’n iemand als photo buddy te mogen kennen. Je vierde en zesde foto’s van dat drenkenlingenhuisje zin geweldig…. En Sja dat licht…. ik vind dat we gewoon weer opnieuw de uitdaging met het waddenlicht opnieuw aan moeten gaan, want stel je eens voor dat de zon er wel door was gekomen….. nog mooier dan dit kan het toch haast niet worden? Dikke dank je wel….mooi verhaal, mooie foto’s van een mooi mens! Dikke hug en high five!


  2. Reblogged this on Nldazuu's Blog and commented:
    Samen met photobuddy een vrijdag en zaterdag op Terschelling. Herbeleef ons weekend vanuit zijn beleving en beeldvorming in dit schitterende blog met even zo mooie foto’s!


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