The arteries of the Posbank

The first weekend of 2017 starts with snow and glaced ice, perfect! Luckily I live only ‘a 10 minute walk’ from the Posbank so I don’t need a car or bike in these slippery times (and it was slippery with a lot of accidents in the Netherlands). One big advantage is that I was the ONLY one (and a dog ;-))!  Moreover, it gave me the opportunity the test my buff scarf, new thermos, and Icelandic outfit in winter and cold is not an issue anymore!! Anyway, a walk is nice to clear my head, but I also wanted to do some photography and I had no idea of what to do. I realized that not a lot of snow was fallen to cover the Posbank. So first I had a look at the viewing point near the ‘schaapskooi’ and an idea was born. Although the heath was not covered with snow, the walking paths became clearly visible in the landscape as arteries (or veins) transporting the animals, tourist, and this morning me throughout this wonderful landscape! This morning I gave myself one limitation… ONLY use the tamron 70-300! The conditions were not perfect; grey, misty, and glaced ice which made it quite difficult to work with a tele, but below I want to give you an impression of how the walking paths come alive at the Posbank during winter!

Cheers Sander












4 thoughts on “The arteries of the Posbank

  1. Hej mister Greft, I enjoyed your little story…. a Posbank completely for yourself….. I know how that feels like… also the choice for telelens is in this type of weather a good choice with dull skies, it lets you focus on, YES like you perfectly did the leading lines aka paths of the POSBANK sloppy hills…. image 4,5 and 8 are my favorites in this series! Keep up the good work…


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