The 10 best photographic moments of 2016

January 1st, the first day of the year and a good moment to reflect on the photographic moments of 2016. One of the things that I wanted to work on is to think more about a scenery/picture and therefore being a bit more original. To achieve this I also followed a course “the art of looking” to train myself. Since landscape photography is my passion I created a top 10 of landscapes that reflect my best photographic moments. For 2017 I want to improve my landscape photography even more by following the same path as 2016. However, I also want to go out of my comfort zone with some ideas I have with portraits of athletes. But what I really aim is to get to know more about my photo’s; do I have a certain signature, what makes my pictures unique and how can I use this to improve myself even more. But for now enjoy the top 10 of 2016!


Number 10: Zwarte Schaar.


I have seen some beautiful pictures of this area from Peter Bijsterveld and I decided on a misty morning to explore it. It was very misty giving me the opportunity to create a minimalistic picture. After a short walk I found these trees so it was actually an easy morning.


Number 9: Winter at Ginkelse Heide.


My aim was to capture the frozen fragile grass with a beautiful colored sky, but I was happy with this blue/white sky as this gives a better impression on how cold it was this morning. Is it an original picture? I don’t know, but this was the first time that I went out with an idea. I hope to find time again this winter to fulfil the other idea.


Number 8: Green waves at Vestrahorn.


Iceland, the best photo-trip so far, so you will find many more in this overview. I start with Vestrahorn and I have many beautiful pictures of these mountains. It was a difficult choice, but I chose this one as here you can nicely see the big and weird contrast between the black beach and green grass. The clouds/mist at the mountain give it an extra mysterious atmospheres. I put it at number 8 as I still have the feeling that I could get more out of it if I gave myself more time to explore.


Number 7: Milky way at the Posbank.


Of course the Posbank should be in my top 10 and this one is special as it is the first time (to the best of my knowledge) that shows the Milky way above the Posbank. I went to this spot together with Dave Zuuring, which we scouted the days before. We were able to enjoy this beautiful moment without getting caught by the rangers who were trying to find us with their big searching lights :-).


Number 6: Northern lights at Skogafoss.


Wow, just wow… The night started with a small chance spotting the northern lights, but we just took the time as it might be our last chance. We were chasing it for 2 hours and if you then finally find the composition and after 5 minutes the northern lights start dancing.. well that’s just magic!! Dancing, cheering, enjoying! One of the best and special moments of 2016.


Number 5: Mystical Hatertse Vennen.


Together with Dave Zuuring I went to this area just above Nijmegen. It was my first trip after coming back from Iceland and with all these adventures in my mind I was super relaxed and could maximally enjoy this beautiful  morning. Luckily Dave knew where to go so that also helps (tip for 2017, go for a trip with an expert that knows the area). The conditions were also perfect, no wind for nice reflections (although not used in this picture) and mist, and my only autumn colors of 2016.


Number 4: Gatweway to lightspeed.


Yes… finally it happened, this is what I wanted to achieve in 2016; to create a photo that I have in my mind. Sometimes all elements come together and on this morning it happened. Due to heavy rain during the days before the Weir was up, I knew that the position of the sun was perfect, and a good chance for a nice sunrise. On site I discovered that the direction of the wind was good and that the river Rhine was calm for a nice reflection, Sometimes you probably just deserve that little bit of luck! 🙂


Number 3: Landscape details at Kirkjufell


Kirkjufell, an iconic and beautiful mountain on Snaefellsness. However, it is also quite difficult to be original especially when I saw how many photographers were standing at the top of the cascades at the end of the “golden hour”. So the second morning I crawled into some kind of small cave underneath the second cascade that I found the other day. Here I was able to go a bit more into the details of this amazing place. It was not a fantastic sunrise with colors, but it was raw and dramatic and fitted completely with how I felt that morning.


Number 2: Photographer in Iceland


This picture, which is taken on the beach at Jokulsarlon, is the best picture that shows the purpose of our trip to Iceland. For me it also shows the emotions that I experienced; going into the details, cold, mysterious and a dedicated photographer creating the best picture. Big thanks for Julien Beyrath for being my model. More importantly, without you I was not able to get up every morning and to push myself to the limit with only 3-4 hours of sleep for 8 days. I am looking forward to our next trip!


Number 1: Majestic cliffs of Dyrholaey


My ultimate shot and one my favorite spots of the trip. Every weather condition gives these cliffs a certain atmosphere and provides you several options to make nice shots. During the sunset I was grabbed by the way how the golden light and spray of the sea gave these cliffs a more mystical atmosphere. I immediately knew that I had to go more into the details and while I was setting up for the best composition it was also clear that I needed some people to emphasize the magnitude of the cliffs. So I waited patiently and observed the interplay between the waves and the people who didn’t wanted to get wet, but then I saw this group of people coming who wanted to make a picture and then… oh well, I don’t need to tell what happened next… 🙂


2 thoughts on “The 10 best photographic moments of 2016

  1. Wat een mooie ontwikkeling in 2016 heb je laten zien! Hele fraaie serie foto’s waarbij je foto’s van IJsland al een categorie op zichzelf zijn! Je foto van de stuwen bij Driel en de Hatertse vennen vind ik gewoonweg schitterend en denk ik met veel plezier terug aan die zomerse avomd op de heide om de melkweg te fotograferen! Dank voor 2016 op naar 2017.


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