Posbank 2016

The Posbank, it attracts many people especially photographers during the blooming period of the heath (August-September). Every year I am looking forward to go and witness magical moments just like in 2014 when all conditions were perfect.

Panorama Posbank_1

But if you go every year, don’t you take the same picture every time, but with a different sky and with no, less, or more mist? And what about the increasing numbers of photographers coming to the Posbank wanting to see this beautiful Dutch landscape with their own eyes, but also complaining that it is getting so crowded. Personally I think it is not that bad, because you can learn new people and even then it is possible to enjoy quietly and all by yourself.


But still, how to be original if everybody is taking the same picture. Or… is it needed to be original and take different pictures?? Aren’t you going to the same spot more often taking similar pictures every time? More importantly, isn’t the purpose of photography to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer? For me, YES, but on the other hand you want to develop yourself and try different things. So with that in mind I had a few ideas for this year; one of the characteristics of the Posbank are the hills, which creates nice lines and layers and therefore my purpose was to mainly use my 70-300mm tele to zoom a bit into some of the details of the Posbank to emphasize this.

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While these pictures were all taken from the Zijpenberg, which is still the best spot for the sunrise, I also wanted to find new spots. Together with Dave Zuuring and Peter Bijsterveld, I hiked different routes and found other parts of the Posbank showing its different lines and layers, even with the wide angle using the walking pathways as guide lines through your image.

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If you zoom in even more you can create more abstract images which still show the lines and layers of the Posbank!

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Unfortunately, due to the early blooming season the conditions were not good for developing mist and next to that I got ill. So I was not able to try most of my ideas and go to the different spots. Oh well… the best thing of landscape photography is that you will always get another chance either next year or maybe during autumn.

The best moment I had this year was not on the Zijpenberg and not during the sunrise, no… unexpectedly my first trip to the Posbank delivered me the best picture and I now realize that the golden evening light can also emphasize the beauty of the Posbank. Maybe I will use this beautiful evening light in the future to show the layers and lines of the Posbank from the Zijpenberg.


One of the other things that I wanted this year was to capture the Milky way above the blooming heather of the Posbank. The best spot for doing this is around the two trees at the top, which you always see from wherever you are on the Posbank.


This year we had many clear skies and together with Dave Zuuring, I finally went one evening and dared to go into the wild in the dark. It was fun, amazing, but most of all exciting when the rangers were using big lights looking for….. us? Unfortunately, you will always have light pollution in the Netherlands, and therefore processing takes a lot of time and becomes very personal at some point. I processed it in such a way that it expresses my feelings and shows that my mission was accomplished: The milky way at the Posbank!


My next blog will be more about night photography and star trails, which requires a bit more processing than expected. But first…. My photography trip of the year: Iceland!


2 thoughts on “Posbank 2016

  1. Hej Sander, de herfst roept!!! Kei gave foto’s en die ene plek met dat paadje is kei goed en zo zie ik weer nieuwe beelden! Erg fijne tones in je foto’s en het is dankzij dit mooie gebied dat ik een fotobuddy rijker ben! Posbank bedankt enneh verheug me op je nieuwe blog! Dank je wel voor de mooie momenten so far 😊


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