The Dutch Weirs

Time has passed since my last blog and my camera has been sitting in my bag, until last weekend. Already a month ago I planned to go for a sunrise with Dave Zuuring. Last week we decided to go to the weir of Amerongen (Nederrijn) for a blue hour moment. Normally, the weir is down to keep the water level up in the rivers for the boats, but also to have enough fresh water for the farmers. Lately, the water level in the Netherlands is very high and therefore the weirs are up to get rid of the excess water (flowing towards the North Sea) on the lands. A bit of research on google earth made us to decide to go to the north side of the Rhine. Unfortunately we could not get onto the complex itself so we only had one angle to shoot from. Luckily the water level was high enough to get the reflections I wanted. I decided to only use the 35mm prime as it proved really sharp in these conditions (blue hour/stars) and I therefore created a panorama of ~7 vertical images, but also a close-up which I cropped to a panorama-like photo to get rid of unwanted objects. Yes, I like this lens and yeah I am getting in love with the blue hours!



So next victim was the weir of Driel which is also located on the Nederrijn and was up as well. Monday morning before going to work I went to the south side as I didn’t knew how to go to the north side. Luckily this was a good decision as it appears that you can’t approach the waterside at the north side. Unfortunately, the point of view was not perfect for the sunrise, but good enough for intense blue skies.


DSC_1322The next day I went again as clouds were expected so I could get shots with moving clouds. Although no clouds were present the water levels dropped significantly and I could reach a pool and make the photo that I had in my mind the day before. What I like about this shot is the contrast between the (cold) blue and (warm) orange colors and it reminds me of the Zeelandbrug of last year, which was one of my favorites of 2015. Maybe this one will be the one of 2016?



Thank you for watching/reading and feel free to leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “The Dutch Weirs

  1. Mooie sfeer foto’s Sander, de lichten verhogen de sfeer. De laatste is mijn favoriet en de detail foto is een prachtige afwisseling.


    1. Dank je wel Peter. Ik begin te houden van de kleurcontrasten die ontstaan tijdens het blauwe uur (blauwe lucht en oranje lichten). Dat betekend wel erg vroeg opstaan de komende periode :-).


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