First photo-trip of 2016

It has been a while since I used my camera, but last week the conditions were good and I finally got time to go out again. First I went to De Oversteek, which is a relatively new bridge over the Waal to create a second connection between the north of the Netherlands and Nijmegen. I already knew from which side I wanted to photograph the bridge (Lent). Once on site I decided to go for the reflections during blue hour as the water level of the Waal was pretty high. As the sun went down and the blue hour started, the bridge became beautifully lit. As always I use my WA lens (tokina 12-28mm) but I was not satisfied by the fact that you could see the Electrabel, but also the stars from the lights were a bit disappointing. Then I realized I had 2 new primes and put them on… wow… what a difference! After finding a different composition I was also able to leave Electrabel out. My first successful photo (with 50mm prime) of 2016 was made :-).


I was immediately infected again with the “virus” and made 2 more shots, which I had in my mind. First the long approach that leads to De Oversteek and finally a panorama of the small bridge in Lent which is directed towards the Saint Steven’s church in Nijmegen (both with the 35mm prime).



Finally, one of my pictures won the second price in the photocontest #mooiRheden! The year of 2016 started of pretty good and motivated and inspired me even more to make it the best photographic year!


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