4 seasons at the Posbank

One year ago, during the blooming period of the heath at the Posbank, I discovered a spot, which is now one of my favorite spots. Why? Well, it was one of the places that was still not really known to other photographers and therefore a quiet place to see the sunrise. But also because it is, in my opinion, a perfect spot for a panorama photo in which the trees are nicely aligned with in the background the lines of the various hills. So here I decided to go for a 4 season panorama, which I finally finished…. Enjoy!!

Posbank_4 seizoenen_2

3 thoughts on “4 seasons at the Posbank

  1. Op FB had ik al mijn lof over deze seizoenen compilatie ge-uit. Heel fraai resultaat. Toch blijft de z/w keuze voor het winterlandschap vreemd, daardoor valt deze wat uit de toon. Maar dat het blijft een geweldig resultaat.


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