Hunting for deer at Elsberg

This year I finally decided to go and see and hear the deer burling. The most obvious place is to go to the wildbaan in the Hoge Veluwe, but stories about the number of photographers made me hesitant. So I decided to go, together with fellow photographer Julien Beyrath, to the Elsberg. The first morning we were a bit late and the lookout was also filled with more people than I expected. But wow….what a view!! Luckily I could loan the 80-400mm + 1.4tc from my brother and sister in law, as you really need it here. Of course I had to make a panorama of the brandtoren of the Rozendaalse Veld (8 pictures @ 900mm)

Elsberg Blog

It was also a beautiful sunrise and as a landscape photographer I could not resist to make a photo of the beautiful (yellow/orange) colors J. Soon we also spotted some deer, females and young males. Happy with the results  and experience we left the look-out an decided to go back.  As it was still a bit early in the season to see the burling deer, we decided to go back again.

Elsberg Blog_5Elsberg blog_6 Elsberg Blog_4

Yes, today a second chance and the conditions were good. While we were walking to the look-out we got really excited as we heard the deer burling. Then we entered the look-out…. completely covered with mist!! We could hear the deer, but not see them, damn L. So we just sit, listened and enjoyed being there. Back at the car, the trip still ended very successfully with my first mushroom!

Elsberg Blog_2

Third time is a charm, and yes it was…. No mist and burling deer, but what a distance. Even with the 400 x1.4 (tc) x1.5 (cropfactor) = +/- 900 mm, they were too far. It was also a bit frustrating that I could not get clear and sharp results and I still don’t know whether that was due to the distance, the combination lens + tc, and/or my skills. But still, you get to see the deer burling, running, chasing within their natural environment and that was amazing to see!!!

Elsberg Blog_7Elsberg Blog_9 Elsberg Blog_8

Then the question remains, will I go back next year? I realized that I love landscape photography more than wild-life photography, but it is good to try more aspects of photography. So I will definitively try again next year and maybe even go to the wildbaan J.

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